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The 7 Worst Atrocities of Cleverness

We know we shouldn't be clever, but what is clever? There are seven particularly bad forms of cleverness, from very small to very large.

Bitwise Logic and Ternary Statements
This is the lowest-level cleverness. We write a one-liner that uses bitwise logic or a ternary statement. They start out innocently. We have an assignment based on a simple condition. A full-blown if-else block feels like overkill. Then that turns into this:

int i = 16 + (!(a & 4 == 0 ? thing : other).getValue().equals(b & 1 == 0 ? first : last) ^ (b & 2 != 0 ? w[0][1] : w[0][0])) ? counter - 1 : counter << 1; That's not clever. That's a train wreck. Singletons and Lying About DependenciesDesign patterns are general solutions to common problems, and are often useful. But Singleton is one "pattern" (actually an anti-pattern) that can be destructive to a codebase. Singletons are easy to write and easy to use, but they are just another form of global state. Programmers who…