Periscope + Live Coding?

Could Periscope be a great new platform for live coding? Periscope allows users to quickly and simply broadcast anything they want to the world, and this makes it a great platform for experimentation in different forms of use. Live coding could be a great application for the service, allowing for near-instant feedback and interaction.

There would be some challenges to this. Periscope only works on smartphones, and does not allow screen sharing (as far as I know). This means that live coding wouldn't actually involve seeing any code, which would in some ways defeat the purpose. To ameliorate this, a second stream of the screen could be set up on another service, or the code could simply be made available after the fact with a detailed commit history.

On the other hand, Periscope reaches a wide audience, and is very simple to set up and use. The low ceremony means very little distraction from productivity. There are few hassles with the software. A single person doesn't have to worry about more complicated "multi-presenter" software setups. Scopes can be saved and later published on platforms such as YouTube, possibly with the code components presented along side.

This is just a thought I am throwing out there. I haven't tried it (though I may in the future). Has anyone else done this? How does it work for you? Would you watch someone live code on Periscope?


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